Knitwear with a purpose

I AM YOUR SISTER was founded in 2017 in Stockholm with a dedication to sisterhood and inclusiveness. The keystone in IAYS is about embracing the strength of our diversity and valuing our varied perspectives and experiences. Through our brand we aim to inspire, bring women together and build a community of like-minded individuals who share our vision of diversity and equality. Sisterhood isn't just about leaning on each other, it's about creating a support system, empowering women and forging women's equality.

XX Jenny
Founder & Creative Director

Giving back

Already from the start we wanted to give back in some way. Among other things, we have had a close collaboration and given parts of sales to Alla Kvinnors Hus - Sweden's oldest non-profit women's shelter. We have supported Cielo Foundation - a non-profit foundation in Mexico focusing especially on women in native Mayan communities and we have supported Project Soar in Morocco - an organization that empowers Moroccan teenage girls to continue their education.

The brand

With a commitment to quality and attention to details we create styles that inspires confidence and promotes unity within the Sister community. The result is a range of high end knitwear pieces – wearable over seasons and meant to outlast fleeting trends.