Panther Ring - Nach


Delbetala med Klarna

Extended returns until 7.01.2021

Hand painted roaring panther ring in porcelain from Nach.

  • Size S : EU 51/52, 16,1-16,5 mm
  • Size M : EU 54/55, 17,2-17,5 mm
  • Size L : EU 56/57, 17,8-18,1 mm

Please note that all Nach jewels are handmade in porcelain, and of course it's delicate. When not wearing the jewelry, use the packaging to protect them. Be sure to choose a comfortable size, not to tight. If the ring is to small it will put a constant pressure on the porcelain and it can break. 

Nach is a high-end porcelain jewellery designer. Each piece is entirely handmade, from the porcelain manufacturing to the final assembly. Thanks to the skill of the artists, and years of experience, Nach are mastering a world-unique manufacturing technique. They are the only one in the world to offer such a collection with such a level of quality. All jewels are signed and registered.

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