Female Empowerment and sisterhood is a strong denominator for our brand. When creating one of our first collections, we were inspired by the strength in sisterhood among female friends and from that the ”I am your sister” concept developed which remains Studio WMS’ signature product today.

I AM YOUR SISTER is a statement to show appreciation to all the women who in different ways support and inspire us in life. Let’s accept each other’s differences and think about how we can help, support and inspire other girls and women in everyday life.

Our products are centered around sisterhood and with the aim to show appreciation and inspiration to girls and women in all forms and ages.

The very first Sister product was a classic T-shirt but the collection is constantly growing and new products and variants of the Sister print are continuously added.

10% of the profit of all sold Sister items are donated to a non-profit organisation that provide free counselling and offer sheltered accommodation to women who are victims of violence.