In honour of the 110th year of celebrating International Women’s Day we are proud to announce an exiting design collab with the duo behind Understatement.

The collection is created to show appreciation to all women who in different ways support and inspires us in life. Female Empowerment and Sisterhood is a common denominator for our brands, both on a mission to support and inspire other women in everyday life.

The collection consists of the I AM YOUR SISTER statement Bralette and High Waist panties - done in the mix of micro fibre and seamless mesh - underwear so comfortable it makes you feel like you aren’t wearing any.

As usual, we donate 10% of the profit to ”Alla Kvinnors Hus”, a non-profit organization that provide free counselling and offer sheltered accommodation to women who are victims of violence.


Behind the scenes working with talented and dedicated women / xox

Stay tuned for interesting portraits.
Through our campaigns we want to lift women around us who
inspire us to stand taller, think bigger and strive for better.

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Studio WMS is a Stockholm based label founded in 2015. A brand that don’t care much for seasons or trends but aim to create timeless classics that will most likely never become outdated. When creating one of their first collections, they were inspired by the strength in sisterhood among female friends and from that the ”I am your sister” concept developed which remains Studio WMS’ signature product today.

Understatement is a Stockholm based premium women’s underwear brand founded in 2017 by Marie Stolt and Maria Lager. With the aim to lift women’s confidence, outfit and boobs by providing the market with stylish comfortable design and an inclusive social arena for female voices, Understatement has been celebrated by consumers, retailers and press and move forward confidently.

A statement to show appreciation to all the women who in different ways support and inspire us in life. Let’s accept each other’s differences and think about how we can help, support and inspire other women in everyday life. 

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